Bittersweet Week

This week is bittersweet on that 4 joeys are going home, Alice , Koli(Manhattan), Micco(Meeko), and Tamaya. There are two joeys coming oop this week as well, a Black beauty! Its a girl and she is staying here, they rarely have a girl so I am keeping her just in case she is their last one.  Now to name her! The other joey is a male mosaic and he will be offered to people on the waiting list before being advertised. I will update with pictures when I get them!



Tamaya & Micco * Sold*

Tamaya and Micco(Meeko) are out of Takoda and Isi.

Tamaya was very tempting to keep! She is a sweet little cuddle bug!

Micco( Meeko ) is the adventurous type.  He loves jumping and gliding and getting into everything!


Tamaya with her attention fixed

Tamaya with her attention fixed

Sweet little Tamaya

Sweet little Tamaya

He posed so well for this photo shoot which is unusual for him.

He posed so well for this photo shoot which is unusual for him.

Handsome Meeko

Handsome Meeko

Sugar Glider Gatherings!!!

I am excited to say that I will be attending two sugar glider gatherings this summer! The SGGA Sugar Glider Get Away and the NWASGG North West Alabama Sugar Glider Gathering are both close enough to me here in middle Tennessee, that will be able to attend both!
I am planning on vending at both, and have started preparing for my booth. I will have my bonding purses and maybe a few other things. I am also putting on a sale for all preorders!

10% off your order and free shipping if picking up at the event.

I still have my referral program, if you tell someone about me and they order from me and mention your name, you will get $5 off your next order. This can accumulate to make your order free!!!! (Referral program excludes shipping cost)


You can also check out the OSGA Ohio Sugar Glider Adventure, I attended last year and wish I could make it again this year. It’s just this year, it is right on the weekend of my son’s birthday and he wins out!

If you would like to contact me about an order or gliders, I update my Facebook more often than I do the website. I also check my email quite frequently


Koli is a Black Beauty from pure lines * Sold*

Sweet little Koli is from pure lines, I specifically selected this breeding pair because there are no sterility, no hets, no WF and no mosaic in the lines.

Halle(mom) and Tadem(dad) produce very dark joeys, most of which are male. They have only had one female out of 5 litters. The waiting list for females has gotten quite long for this pair.

Breeding for standards has been pushed aside by many sugar glider breeders. The main focus for most are the colors. I believe it is vital for the diversity of gliders to maintain a standard line.

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for either males or females from this pairing email me at


Koli, now Manhattan is sold! Congrats Carol!


Just recently got 5,000 mealworms in, and the gliders are getting spoiled!
Hopefully now I will be able to keep the mealworm farm going. Bribing and spoiling the gliders has depleted my farm.
My set up now has 3 large containers of mealworms, one large of beetles, and one small pupae. They get oatmeal carrots and water crystals. I am planning on starting a drawer system as soon as I find one conveniently sized.


The two cookie containers on the right as well as the clear rectangular container have the worms, the one on the left with the egg carton has the beetles and the small one has the pupae.

Insects are so good for them! They also can have Dubai roaches, but I am to afraid to have roaches in my house to raise them.The Dubai roaches are so easy to gut load and have great nutritional ratios. I have researched them and considered having them but roaches are my phobia! I like snakes and spiders but not roaches!
People have also given Waxworms, which I would like to try. I would like to let the Waxworms grow into moths and watch the gliders chase the moths around.

Bonding Purses on SALE-for a limited time! * this sale has ended* keep your eyes open for the next

Bonding purses are now on sale-
15% off the first 15 orders!
Starting September 4th 2013 the first 15 purses ordered will receive the discount!





Currently I have the messenger bag in small, medium, and large, the Hobo bag and also in design mode (per requests) on a hipster and a duffle.

This sale will also apply to ad-ons for previous customers.

Two Black Beauties

So excited to introduce the new Black Beauty boys that just came out of pouch Saturday, August 24th. image

*these boys have a deposit*
“Axel” and “Rod” will be up for Adoption. They are listed on The pet glider database. 0% COI  parents are Halle and Tadem. Clean black beauty /classic lines, no hets.

Breeding price is $300, pet only is $250 neuter included.

All joeys require a non-refundable deposit to hold.

local pickup and shipping available

These boys are expected to fur up nice and dark like their older siblings.


Pre-made Bonding Purses

Sewing frenzy going on here at Stowaway Gliders! I am making large, medium and small pre made bonding purses.

Large purses are 14″x10″ with two 7″x 9″ bonding pouches with locking zippers and side screens. Adjustable strap on the purse, pockets on the front back and inside to hold your essentials while carrying around your little stowaways.

Medium purses are 10″x 10″ with a 9″x 9″ bonding pouch with locking zipper and side screen. Adjustable strap on the purse with pockets on the front, back and inside.

Small purses are “8 x 10″ with a 7″x 9” bonding pouch with locking zipper and side screens. Adjustable strap on the purse with pockets on the front, back and inside.

I am also taking custom orders as well.

Preview of the fabric choices of the pre mades: